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Internet Marketing Can Benefit Your Website

The decision is made. Your website is created. It’s informative, it’s colorful, it’s user friendly- and it’s just sitting there. Where’s the increase in traffic that’s supposed to come with having a website? Where’s the increase in customer base and prospective sales? What happened to the website being the ‘ultimate business solution’? It still is- but deciding to have a website was the first (and easy) part of the equation. Search engine marketing is the second.

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN Live are the primary way of finding a website for many users. As they actively seek out a product or service, they type in a ‘keyword’ or phrase that describes what they are looking for and wait for the results. Over 90% of those users will never look past the first 2 pages. Factor in that nearly one third of those users believe that the companies they see on the first page of search results are major brands (and therefore choose those companies first) and you will see why having a top page rank on a search engine is so valuable- and so highly competitive. Major companies can spend millions per year to maintain their page ranks. Thankfully, there are other ways to get results without having to go to those lengths.

Search engine marketing is the feat of getting your informative, colorful and user-friendly website noticed in the search engines; a virtual online ‘product placement’, if you will. In the average brick-and-mortar store, hundreds of products compete for prime shelf space. They not only vie for placement on shelves that are eye-level with customers, they wrap themselves in attention-grabbing colors and packaging. The same goes for websites that want to be the first to grab your attention. Except the ‘prime shelf space’ is now a page rank and the fancy colors and packaging are keywords and other techniques that increase that page rank. Whether using organic listings, paid listings or a combination thereof, the objective is to be the first thing (or as close as possible) that a person will see when typing in a certain keyword pertaining to your website. This, however, is not always an easy task. Getting a top page rank is a tricky process that takes time; but by effectively marketing your website, you will gain hits from targeted customers and will increase your traffic – and that in turn is part of what will make your website more and more visible on the search engines.

While search engine marketing is more or less product placement, search engine optimization is what improves the rank of the ‘keywords’. By enhancing your website with those keywords, links and other techniques, you can bring your site up the ranks. Search engine optimization involves a number of analytics and steady updates to a website in order to keep up with search engine algorithms that constantly change.

Without effective search engine marketing, it will be extremely difficult to develop any kind of internet presence. When search engine marketing is used correctly it helps to create not only a profitable online business that works to bring specific targets to your site but a website that will be able to grow as the internet grows. As a bonus, getting to know your online customer base over a period of time will give you the ability to spot consumer trends and even gain insight as to the strategies of your competitors. Search engine marketing only widens and diversifies your customer base. As this happens, your ROI (or Return on Investment) will increase!

As you can see, successfully marketing a website is a long term relationship that requires commitment. This is not a problem for many business owners when they see how great the return of an online customer base can be.

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