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Website Marketing

We provide website management services to companies who are looking to improve their company by claiming their space on the Internet. Our monthly website marketing plans provide a high quality, professional online marketing service that provides results without long-term contracts.

Our methods of website marketing include:

Keyword Research

We will perform keyword research for your industry to find the best keywords to target for your campaign.

Website Audit & Monthly Reporting

Web analytical software will be provided to view website stats and trends.

Website Updates

We will provide basic updates including adding new photos to the site, making content updates and helping with setting up other pages on the site.

Optimize Business Directories

We will make sure your company is listed in the main business directories and that your business profiles will be optimized as much as possible.

Search Engine Optimization Programming

We will optimize the coding of your web pages to help search engines find the information that they are looking for. This also includes making sure the code is clean and validated.

Link Building

Having links directed to your web pages is very important as it helps build up relevancy to help you rank for specific keywords. We will provide both on-site and off-site link building.

Monthly Keyword Optimized Articles

This is one of the most important things in getting found in the search engines. We will provide professionally written articles that will help make your site relevant for your keywords.

Competitive Analysis

We will provide research on your competitors to see what they are doing and not doing in their campaign in effort to bring your company to the top.

Landing Page Optimization

We will optimize the pages that people first visit on your website to fit what they are looking for. This helps provide the visitors exactly what they’re looking for and improves conversion rate.

Setup Social Media

We will setup social media accounts in Facebook and any other networks that fit your company.

Optimize Facebook Page Design

We will design your Facebook page to look professional and achieve better results.

Monthly Posts to Social Media

Keeping your social media networks up-to-date is important. We will provide monthly updates to help build up your audience and gather leads.

Paid Advertising

Includes a total of up to $50/month for paying for additional advertising online.

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